Photos from Professor Francis Abramson’s Visit to London BJJ


Members from Family Karate, The Orangeville Dojo and London BJJ With Professor Francis Abramson. Ossssss!

It was a busy couple of weeks filled with BJJ.  With the instructors weekend on November 7 & 8, and the Franco Behring Symposium the following weekend, London BJJ managed to find the time to have Professor Francis Abramson visit Family Karate’s dojo for a BJJ and Grappling seminar.  Special thanks go out to the group from the Orangeville Dojo who made the drive to London for the seminar.  All who attended loved it and we’d all love to have you back Professor!  Ossssssss!  Click the thumbnails for a larger view of the photos.

The seminar began with a quick warm up of some general movement drills which mimic the movements made by the body when training BJJ.  From there Professor Francis shared some techniques to the group.  I got no pictures of this as I was busy trying it out for myself.  But here is what I did get.

2 Responses to “Photos from Professor Francis Abramson’s Visit to London BJJ”

  1. Ian says:

    Great pictures Dan. Almost got everyone smiling in the group shot.
    Very small though, is that so people don’t steal them, because I would.

  2. MajorDanage says:

    Hey Ian, if you click on the photos again when you are viewing one, you will be linked to a larger copy. Not sure why that did that. Gonna try to fix for the next gallery. :)