BJJ Seminar w/ Professor Marco Costa


Professor Marco Costa of Toronto, ON comes to London BJJ January 2nd, 2010. Ossssssssss!

Here it is!  The first seminar of 2010!  London BJJ is pleased to welcome Franco Behring black belt, Professor Marco Costa to the Family Karate Center’s dojos on Jan 2nd, 2010! Click “Read the rest of this entry” for full details.

The seminar will be held at Family Karate Center’s North Club location, 1695 Wonderland Road North, London, ON, N6G 4W3‎.  The dojo is located in  the plaza behind the gas station and the car wash.  The cost is $20 – open invitation & $15 for Franco Behring members.  Please contact London BJJ via the contact page with any questions.

Who is Professor Marco Costa?

Professor Costa moved from Portugal to Canada when he was 13 years old.  Always fascinated with martial arts, it wasn’t until he was 17 that he enrolled in a Tae Kwon Do school in the Toronto area.  Along with studying TKD, he also trained Thai Kickboxing and several other martial arts.  When he saw Royce Gracie win UFC 1 in 1993 he was captivated by the Brazilian’s fighting style and began researching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to learn as much as he could about it.  But it wasn’t until 1998 when he started training with Professor Franco and Master Behring of the Franco Behring Association that he knew he had found his calling.  Now, after 18 years of training, he has realized a dream; he is a Second Degree Black Belt in TKD as well as a First Degree Black Belt in BJJ under the Franco Behring Flag.  From 1993 to 2007 he won many provincial and national titles in many different disciplines including BJJ, kickboxing and mixed martial arts competition.  His focus has now changed from competitor to teacher.  With his vast knowledge of martial arts and competition, along with his ability to pass along information, he has been appointed the new Head Coach of Competition for Team Franco Behring.

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2 Responses to “BJJ Seminar w/ Professor Marco Costa”

  1. Sen says:

    Excellent seminar. Learned so much, it made my head spin!

  2. cameron says:

    had a lot of fun, thanks for making an outside member feel welcome everyone! will hopefully see everyone again sooner rather than later!