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Photos From Professor Marco Costa’s Visit to London BJJ

Monday, January 25th, 2010

Great group of BJJ practitioners!  Osssssss!

Great group of BJJ practitioners! Osssssss!

It’s a little over due, but after getting a virus on my computer, then a back-up, format and reinstall of my computer system, I’ve finally gotten around to posting the pictures from Professor Marco Costa’s visit to London BJJ. Sorry for the delay.

Franco Behring members from London, Orangeville and Toronto, as well as a few guests from other London area BJJ clubs, were present for a great seminar on Jan 2nd, 2010. Professor Marco went over some great drills for sport competition as well as some basic fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Words can’t really explain what he is like as an instructor. You’ll have to come out to the next seminar to really understand why they call him “The Encyclopedia”. Thank you Professor for your continued support of London BJJ! See you on the mats! Namaste. Ossssssssss!