Wisdom from Will Smith

I came across this great video while visiting a site that really helped kick start my outlook on physical fitness; www.rosstraining.com.

From Ross’ site; “Founded by Ross Enamait, RossTraining.com is dedicated to excellence and innovations in high performance conditioning and strength development. My goal with this site is to provide a content rich resource designed to assist you in the pursuit of your own unique goals.”

If you have the time to visit his site, do it. And be sure to check out his articles. Some pretty informative stuff.

In the video Will Smith shares some great wisdom on working hard to achieve success, his positivity towards life and more.  Whether it is acting, training, your career, or your life in general, in order to have success you must love what you are doing and you must put in the work. There are no other ways around it. Only in the dictionary dose success come before work; and positivity comes before both of those.

Click here for Ross’s blog entry where I found the video.

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