Come to Rio with London BJJ!

Come to Rio and live like a Carioca!

Come to Rio and live like a Carioca!

You may have seen it posted all over Facebook, but if you haven’t, come to Rio for sun, fun and training! Professor Francis at Rio Sports Tour has put together an amazing camp for Franco Behring team members this summer to travel to Rio and live like a carioca!

The trip consists of 11 days, from August 12th to the 23rd, and will include 1-2 training sessions per day with 7th degree red/black belt, Master Sylvio Behring, of the Franco Behring Association, as well as some local tours including a trip to the Christ Statue!.  It is truly the trip and experience of a lifetime.  You’ll be visiting the Ipanema, Leblon and Recreio neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Accommodations are in Leblon just a few meters from Leblon beach one of the coolest places in town.

If you’re interested and want to hear more, please drop me an email via the contact page and I will get you information on the trip. You can also visit  Be sure to check out the past tours page here to see and hear about other peoples experiences.

Travel to Rio with London BJJ and Team Franco Behring for sun, fun and training and live like a carioca!

2 Responses to “Come to Rio with London BJJ!”

  1. FRANCIS says:

    Soon I’ll post the promo video for this trip guys. Follow us: Twitter. Vimeo, Youtube, Facebook, FlickR

  2. Tim says:

    Man I so want to go this summer but not sure if i can swing it with the wedding and school. If not this year, next year for certain…it’s sure to be an amazing trip!