Photos from the Redstar Leg Lock Workshop

What an awesome bunch of BJJers. Thanks for coming!

It was a great turnout from a lot of different clubs in the London area, as well as some from Toronto, Orangeville and even from Picton (4.5hr drive)! Thanks to all who came out!  Hope you’re all catching people in the moves you learned from Egor!  And I hope your new Redstar gi is on the way!  Here is a look at the workshop!

Egor Radzik of Redstar may say he’s not a guru of the leg lock, but he sure knows how to break a leg. Lots of detail shared with the group. Look at the Russian smile!

Started with straight ankle locks, legal under IBJJF rules.

Everybody was really keen to learn from Egor. Well, almost everyone…

Steve Poulin and some of his Submission Academy crew were out to check things out! I’m not sure if he knows it yet, but he won a pair on Redstar MMA shorts.

Sensei Jason Biledeau, all the way from Picton Martial Arts, gives Rebecca Tapley from the Orangeville Dojo some ankle bending love.

Sen Lim, of London BJJ works with the little guys, Jesse Gough and Ethan Demers from Adrenaline Training Center, as Egor watches on.

Mike Van Vliet and Chris Comrie from Iron Monkey MMA were all smiles. Well, Mike was. He was doing the sub. lol

It looks like a pretty good heel hook, doesn’t it? But Brad Wilson of the Submission Academy isn’t really reacting how you’d think. Kind of relaxed looking. Like he kinda likes it. He must have the illness. Just a little harder next time Adam!

That’s how you’re supposed to look! Good job Jesse!

A special treat was this hip dislocater, as Egor called it. A sneaky Russian move, of course. It only hurts if you don’t tap. I’m not sure if Adam Cousins of the Submission Academy is lucky to be Egor’s partner or not. Aha ha ha.

The looks on people’s faces may have been the best part of the seminar for those watching. Milky from Body of Four in Toronto had some good ones.

Mikey A. from Body of Four did too! And he is really great with kids!!

For those who think Egor looks like a mean or scary guy, just look at this photo…He’s so happy looking! :D

Thanks again to all who came out! Now get to the mats and train! Ousssss!

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