3 Self Defence Moves Every Woman SHOULD Know: Women’s Self Defence Tips

Let’s say that you are checking your mobile phone when someone suddenly grabs hold of your arms to drag you to a secluded area in order to attack you. How do you defend yourself? What are the best self defence moves or techniques for that moment of time? Now you only have a split second to react to his attack. Here are 3 things you must do to prevent being abducted or dragged to another location.



Most women believe that the best self defence moves are to kick the bad guy in the groin or gouge their fingers in his eyes. The sad truth is that this would not work against a guy bigger than you intending to harm you. So forget kneeing him in the groin, you will probably fall over and end up on the ground with him on top of you.

Do not waste your energy trying to pinch your attacker as advised by some women’s self defence blogs or articles. Instead focus your effort into not being dragged away out of sight. Believe it or not there are simple self defence techniques that could make all the difference when fighting someone stronger than you.

Well we discuss the simplest things you can do that should buy you some time to raise the alarm or break away for your own safety. In this week’s video we look at the first measures you should take to stop someone controlling your body in order to drag you away. Here are some ideal techniques for woman and children alike. Watch our video for more details.



How to defend yourself against an abduction attempt requires quick thinking and some basic self defence technique to break away. The first half of our video we look at how to hand fight to prevent the bad guy getting hold of your arms. In the second half we look at the simple concept of making yourself heavy so you don’t get carried away.

We Can’t Emphasis This Point Enough

You have to regain control of your body before you attempt to strike your attacker. Please don’t try to kick or knee him in the groin until you have a sure footing or a stable base. Otherwise you are like to fall. So in order of importance follow these tips below:



Now this may seem strange or counter intuitive, but grabbing your attacker back really does help. This is more effective when he grabs your two arms with both of his. What you are essentially doing is anchoring your arms on their body. In this sense they are pulling against themselves, while tying up or occupying their own arms.

But there’s a catch

You must drop your body weight when you anchor yourself to him. Once you do this you should have the leverage to break one of your arms free to strike and distract.



What often happens is that your attacker when faced with active resistance is likely to escalate their use of force to pick you up and drag you to another location. Of course you can never allow this to happen, therefore you must prepare to drop your body weight in order to stall his attack.

How can you actually use this?

Dropping your body weight allows you to strike in order to distract long enough for you to breakaway. Now this is the perfect opportunity to fight back, because his arms will be occupied trying to force you off the spot. Of course you break away to run away, so do so as quickly as possible.


Now here’s the thing. It’s important to run away, but more important to know where you are running. Do not just run in a blind panic, you may run into a deserted car park or park. So raise the alarm make as much noise as possible and run towards a public space where people are likely to be. Just do not run for the sake of it, you must have an object.


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Thank you for reading.



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