Beginners Induction Course 6th April 2016

New Beginners Induction Course Starting Wednesday 6th April at 7.30pm. The London Wing Chun Academy N22 6UJ.

If you are thinking of starting a new martial art in order to get fit or to learn how to defend yourself then look no further. As one of the leading martial arts schools in the UK, we have some of the very best facilities and instruction to get you started.

Unlike other martial arts schools we will not throw you in with more experienced Wing Chun students. Getting started in our academy does not require a high level of physical fitness or years of dedicated training. If you are interested in training a martial art then the London Wing Chun Academy is great first choice.

Our unique 4 week WING CHUN BEGINNERS INDUCTION COURSE is designed to ease you into martial arts training. This course is specially designed for new starters, and requires little flexibility, fitness, and strength, just an attentive mind.

We will be enrolling new starters beginners on: Wednesday 6th April 2016 at 7.30pm.  

What Does the Beginners Induction Course Involve?

The Beginners Induction course is designed to introduce the basic concepts of traditional Wing Chun in manner that transfers effectively for modern self defence. Please watch some of our videos below to get a feel for how effective our approach to Wing Chun is for real self defence.

A typical 4 week course involves a range of special introductory classes in which new starters train separately from our more advanced and experienced students. We gently introduce the basic principles of Wing Chun as well as its self defence applications in a safe, friendly environment. You learn how to deal with bigger stronger attackers by using your body more efficiently in a series of evolutionary phases.

The course is specially designed for new individuals to progress through differing learning stages of a typical class at the London Wing Chun Academy. You’ll learn how to deal with a range of attacks, as well as how to control your personal space and distance. We will be enrolling new beginners on: Wednesday 6th April 2016 at 7.30pm.  

The Induction course offers an opportunity to find out about our world class Teaching Approach and our Class Ethos with no obligation to join the London Wing Chun Academy. Enrol now for a £10 discount on the next beginners course.


Why Train with Us?

After 30 years of teaching, we have perfected the process of effectively teaching Wing Chun that gets results fast. Our highly experienced instructional methods make it quick and easy to learn this simple and effective fighting system. Not to mention that we literally do have one of the foremost Wing Chun teachers in the world resident at the London Wing Chun Academy. Dr Mark Phillips has been featured on a number of documentaries, news program, martial arts publications; most notably the front cover of ‘Wing Chun Illustrated’ as one of the leading exponents of Wing Chun in the world today (Read more about Dr Mark Phillips).

Wing Chun is known for its directness and simplicity. However understanding the fine details of the art is a greater part of what makes Wing Chun a successful fighting system and is emphasised in our teachings. It is important to us that each student is given the information required to understand how and why the techniques are applied and used. 

Not only do we have great teachers, but we have some of the best facilities in London to learn Wing Chun. Students are encouraged to use the equipment within our academy; these include wooden dummies, wall bags, and heavy bags.  Our unique ability to allow students to practice the art on our range of specialised equipment promotes a though understanding and application of the art, and eventually develops a unique fighting skill. Our success is shown through the progression and satisfaction of each student. 



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