Best Distance to Keep in a Street Fight for Self Defence

When it comes to street fights and self-defence, what would you say is the best distance to stand from your opponent?

When it comes to street fights and self-defence, what would you say is the best distance to stand from your opponent?

Most people would reply that staying far from your attacker is the best bet, and for obvious reasons, but in reality, the answer depends on the conditions of the fight. WATCH the video below for more information.


At a long-range, you have the obvious advantage of being able to run and escape the situation entirely. A confrontation may start at this range, or you could gain this distance by using kicks to keep the person at bay while you withdraw. Bear in mind though, that a determined opponent could potentially charge you to close the distance and set up an attack.

There is also the possibility that they have a weapon, let’s say a knife. In this case, the distance works to their advantage by giving them time to draw it and advance towards you with momentum, thereby leaving you in a sticky spot with less time to stifle and disarm them.


Staying in close-quarters is a lot riskier than being at range because- you guessed it- more attacks are available here, primarily knees, headbutts and wrestling. However, this distance does limit the effectiveness of other techniques like kicks. Overall, should a confrontation become a close-quarters self-defence situation, you have a good range of options to fight back and control your opponent.

In contrast to the long-range confrontation, should your attacker draw a weapon on you, there is a higher likelihood that you can jam the weapon quickly and safely.


This is the area between long- and short-range. We call it No Man’s Land, simply because it contains all possibilities and risks from both scenarios including kicks, punches and use of weapons. Therefore, attacks can be more difficult to predict and if it comes to a knife attack for example, the distance can work to the attacker’s advantage.

This is a range you want to avoid. If you are cornered and have no choice, you should go in and fight back. Otherwise, PROTECT YOUR SPACE and RUN.



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