Can You Block a Punch in Street Fight?

Can You Block a Punch in Street Fight?

Is action faster than reaction? The point is can you block a punch in a street fight. Here’s the problem. You’ve got to see and react to a punch. Unfortunately, most people’s natural reactions are simply too slow to respond. However, there is a solution in how to block a punch.

Keep reading and I will highlight the best way to defend against punches in a street fight. Make sure to watch the video above it will show you what to do.


There’s a couple of things that can help you block a punch in street fight. One of them you’ll gain through experience, this is intuition. With some training your intuition should sharpen enough to sense when someone is going to throw a punch.

Remember you can’t watch a punch and then decide to react. So having a head start will help your self defence. Here are 3 simple tips to help you block a punch.

 1 – Learn to See the Signs of Punches

First of all, when defending yourself, you must make sure you have your hands up with a good reactionary gap (distance) to your attacker. Once these things are in place you will be better placed to observe the signs of attack.

With experience you will see the natural load up of the punch. The way the person stands is a big give away. Take note of their stance, which leg your attacker has forward. The dominate punch will usually come from the side pulled backwards.

Once these things are in place. If in an argument with a stranger, you see a twitch of the shoulder or the angle of the body, you are more likely to react faster. You should certainly see the punches coming. Even react faster. However, this is only part of the solution. Your position your attacker is also key to blocking punches.

2 – Position Yourself to Dominant Space and Block a Punch

Your position relative to your attacker far more important when defending against a punch (See: 3 P Rule in Defending Yourself in Street Fights). Make sure that you are facing them, while they are not facing you directly.

The point being once you have managed to get to a good position you can block punches more effectively. If he starts to throw punches, you are in a better position to dominate the physical space between you and your attacker. You can get inside the arms a lot easier because people often swing punches in street fights. They throw gross motor punches. They swing for the Hills or they try to put combinations of swinging punches to attack you. What I always say, punches in bunches.

Here’s the point. Your position will give a quicker start when blocking punches. Your reaction speed increases by combining your position, dominating one side of their body (see video). Once achieved you can start to see when he’s going to move his arm. How to block a punch.

3 – Best Way to Block a Punch – Circles and Lines Theory

There are some fundamental rules to follow that may better help you block punches. These are very simple. I call them my Circle and Lines Theory.

Basically, if someone throws a round punch. You should always move on the inside of the punch. If he throws a straight punch, then you should always move on the outside of this punch. Now always is obviously quite dogmatic. You do your best.

In reality it may not always play out this way. You may not be able to get to the outside or you may not be able to tell the difference. In the latter, I suggest that you get some lessons in how to defend yourself. If you train, you will get some intuition for blocking punches.

Note, this system of moving is the most efficient and safest way to block a punch (see video). Once I’m on the outside of a straight punch, then I can efficiently protect (block) his second (round) punch. It is easier because it’s a very efficient way to protect myself. To do otherwise would leave me exposed.

Can You Block a Punch in Street Fight?

So let’s return to the original question. Can you block a punch in street fight? Now there is an easier way to block punches. If you can manage to control your position relative to theirs. Achieve tactile contact of your attackers arms it is much easier to deal with bigger punches. These factors will give you a more efficient way of detecting and then blocking the punch. Remember your action and reaction is always going to be a stage behind their movement. You can develop your ability to react or act faster. Try to put the variables in your favour.

Just to recap, try to get your position, try to look for the indicators of the strike. Thanks for reading.


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