3 Simple Tricks to Increase Punching Power

How to Increase Punching Power

How to increase your punching power in 3 simple steps. Watch our video below to get the best method of delivering unstoppable power.

How to increase your punching power in 3 simple steps. We firmly believe that to fight successfully with Wing Chun you will need well conditioned knuckles (Hard fists) if you are going to defend yourself in a real street fight. Watch our video below to get the best method of delivering unstoppable power.

In this episode we use the heavy bag to look at 3 simple tricks that dramatically increase the power in your punch. This isn’t a ‘How to Hit a Heavy Bag’ video, although, following these tips will still give you an idea of what to do on the heavy bags in our gym. Below are 3 simple ideas of how to develop enough power to knock someone out in a self defence confrontation. Watch the video by clicking the thumbnail.



Firstly, if you wish to increase the power in your punch, then you must learn to punch with bare knuckles and not gloves because this increases the sharpness of your weapon. Think of your knuckles as a sharp point delivered at speed to a soft target on a human body. In simple terms you want the power generated from your body to be transferred through a solid and not padded implement.

The first technique requires you to focus on forming a good Wing Chun fist by slowly squeezing all the air from your hand. Basically, train on your heavy bag with your bare fists. This is an important first step as it develops a quick reflexes to close your hands in self defence, this is very important for Wing Chun. You must start with this technique.



Once you have developed the ability to close your fist quickly forming a correct Wing Chun technique, then you must develop some weight and intention behind this technique. The punch in Wing Chun requires some weight (heaviness) when hitting a person in self defence so this is an important technique to practice.

With that in mind you must hit the centre of the heavy bag making sure that you use your whole body in a co ordinate fashion. In other words, turn your waist in time with your punches in an effort that all of your major joints move in unison.



The final and most important stage of increasing power is to make sure that you hit the centre of the heavy bag with contraction. This aspect is a major part of Wing Chun training and is often practiced in the first form. The idea being to release your body’s energy in a quick sharp and explosive manner, this is literally devastating when hitting a human being. Please watch the video for a full explanation.



If you want to learn how to fight or how to defend yourself in a fight then you must learn how to punch hard or at least increase your punching power without wearing boxing gloves. After all, you’re not going to be walking down a street at night wearing boxing gloves. Traditional Martial Arts training such as Wing Chun requires that you condition your fists to fight. So why wear gloves to hit the heavy bag if you’re not going to wear them in the street?

Practice these ideas on a boxing heavy bag and let us know if they work for you. You may also find our video titled: 3 Tips to Get Harder Fists in Just 10 mins a Day | Wing Chun Techniques (watch below) useful as it relates to how to condition your knuckles for more punching power.




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