Use this Headlock Defence and Stop Punches to Your Face

Use this Headlock Defence and Stop Punches to Your Face

A common move in most street fights is the headlock followed by a punch to the face. Grabbing and squeezing the neck is natural and instinctive in any street fight let alone in grappling. That’s why it’s important to know a good headlock defence.

Unfortunately, most people rely on the idea that you could simply the guy applying the headlock in the groin. Sounds simple, but this doesn’t always work. What if the guy has his leg forward protecting his groin? Or he’s wearing a groin guard in a street fight? By the way, I can testify to this from personal experience.

Your concern should always be defending your face and neck. Punching or grabbing the groin puts you at risk of trading punches. Where you are likely to come off worst. So, in this article and video we look at the simplest method of defending punches to the faces when caught in a headlock. So make sure you watch the video above.

Headlock Defence Requires Posture 

Your main concern should always be the risk of being punched in the face when caught in a headlock. That’s why controlling your own posture is important in tis situation. You will be surprised the difference it makes just keeping your head up and your spin aligned properly. In the video below, I explain how to align your spin properly so that it’s difficult to get pulled down into a headlock. It’s easy to do and you don’t have to be strong to apply.

Overall, how to get out of a headlock requires good posture and control of your head. Basically don’t let the bad guy pull your head down if you want to escape headlocks especially from a larger attacker. Also read and watch for more help and advice: How to Get Out of a Headlock: 4 Easy Steps to Escape


But What if You Are Pulled to the Ground?

Well, my advice is to focus your attention on the arm that is likely to punch you in the face. If you watch the first video you will see how I stop his punching arm from swing to my face. This will make all the difference and will help your headlock defence.

Watch the video below to learn this simple trick to defend yourself against a bigger guy pining you by your head and trying to punch your face in BJJ. As you will see even if the guy is stronger than you, you will be able to stop punches to the face in a street fight. Better yet defend your neck when you are training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Learning to FRAME also helps. It builds your defences. It’s a very simple trick to learn, that can make a difference for your overall self defence ability. Whether you are entangled in a stand up grapple or on the ground.

Just remember, you have to do is FRAME the bad guy’s NECK, then you will be able to escape headlocks with ease. This will even work against someone stronger than you, simply frame and use the BJJ Headlock Escape shown.

The Take Away

Remember there is more to learning how to fight. You must learn how to punch, how to move well if you want to end a fight quickly. Unfortunately, real street fights more often end up in a standing grappling situation or even on the ground. So you should learn how to mange all types of fighting situations: Stand up or ground.

Better yet learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). Join one of our BJJ classes. It’s especially a good form of self defence training to learning how to deal with grappling situations in the street. Most importantly training Bjj will build your fitness and will power. After all, if you are fit, and all else fails then you can run very fast from any fight.

Thanks for reading.


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