Is Judo Good for Self Defence?

Is Judo Good for Self Defence?

Judo is effective for self defence for a number of reasons. Watch our video to see how effective Judo can be in a real life situation. However, this defensive encounter teaches us when is the right time to take action to defend yourself. As well as setting personal boundaries for self defence. Watch the video case study to learn how to see pre attack indicators that signal a violent attack.

Let me know in the comment section of our YouTube video if you think the Judo guy waited to long to defend himself?

Did Judo Skills STOP Threat?

Some people need to be triggered to fight. These individuals require a build up of aggression to unleash their violence. Put simply they build up their anger to a boiling point, then use this as the fuel to fight you. In this case picking the right moment to defend yourself is key. You have to get the balance right between not empowering the aggressor and acting decisively to defend yourself. Ultimately if you take action before the aggressor acts, you will short circuit the violent encounter.

This defensive encounter teaches us how to manage provocation in street fights. What should be your boundaries or red lines that require you to take action in self defence. If you watch the video you will note a number of behaviours that indicated an attack. These formed a clear pattern of behaviour that made the aggressor predicate and allowed the defend to use Judo in self defence.

The Take Away – Judo Works

This video case study teaches us not only the value of using Judo in self defence, but the value of waiting for the right moment to defend yourself. Although this situation required a great amount of emotional restrain from the Judo defender. Lastly, when in a defensive encounter look for escalation markers that indicate the signs of attack. Better yet, learn some Judo or even Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for self defence.


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