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The London Wing Chun Academy - Kids Classes

The London Wing Chun Academy - Kids Classes

We believe that Martial Arts should raise a child’s self esteem and build character and confidence. In order to achieve these qualities we have developed a range of training programs that address the different needs of children at different developmental stages (i.e. ages) of their early lives.

Our training programs promote additional life and interpersonal skills, as well as traditional Martial Arts values and success. Your child will be exposed to many positive traits and values of Martial Arts:

Self Confidence

With positive guidance young students find the courage to move outside of their circle of self-doubt. Unlike adults, children with encouragement attempt more difficult Martial Arts moves or skills, without fear of failure. Such a quality is a basis for developing your child.s self-confidence, and encourages them to try something new in the future.

Staying Power

Our students find joy in improving their physical stamina. They can walk farther, run longer, and practice skills until they get them right. In turn, they learn not to give up. They strive harder and longer to reach goals. Even if at first they fail, they persevere. They won’t let self-doubts get in the way of finding ultimate solutions.


Through the London Wing Chun Academy method of martial arts instruction, your child will learn Eastern philosophy and customs in order to build superior relationships based on friendship and mutual respect. “To get respect one must first give respect”


Our students learn to develop self-control, self-motivation and perseverance through martial arts discipline.

Goal Setting

Setting goals is the “road map” of life. It has been said that “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” On the road towards a Black Belt, the London Wing Chun Academy student gains the experience and motivation for success by earning progressively higher belt ranks. Success is the reward for goal setting.

Self Defence

And of course they will learn effective and powerful self-defence skills, (after all, we are a Martial Arts School), as well as the fundamental attitudes appropriate to those tools. The basic attitudes of a successful martial artist, and a successful person, are confidence, respect, discipline, goal setting and effective leadership.

Black Belt Excellence

Our goal for every student is to help them earn their Black Belt not only in martial arts, but in life! By working toward this goal we create an instructional environment in which individual students develop confidence by accomplishing realistic and attainable goals.



The London Wing Chun Academy is a martial arts and functional fitness gym based in North London. Open 7 days a week with gym and functional fitness equipment. Our gym provides group fitness and martial arts classes in Wing ChunSan Shou KickboxingBrazilian Jiu JitsuFunctional Fitness, and non contact Fitness kick Boxing. Visit our gym today for a taster class. Get Started Now >>

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