Mix Martial Arts (MMA)

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) combines striking, wrestling and submission fighting. This form of training compliments Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and San Da Kickboxing to give you a more functional all round approach to fighting.

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Our BEGINNERS Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) class meets at our gym every Sunday at 11.30am.

A typical class consists of a brief fitness and conditioning workout, boxing, Jiu Jitsu, wrestling, and pad work drills to warm up. We then progress towards technique training, and finally sparring at the end of the class. While beginners are always welcome, they are NOT encouraged to spar straight away. Instead we prefer that new students wait until they are confident with the technique for sparring.

We will be happy to lend you equipment for your first lesson. However, the following equipment is required for this class: Boxing & MMA Gloves, Hand Wraps, Gum Shield, Shin, and Head Guards (Thigh Guards are optional). Please wear shorts and a t-shirt.

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Our MMA training is an excellent extension of our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and San Da Kickboxing focus. Not only has it enabled our team to compete in Mixed Martial Arts shows, but it provides the ultimate testing ground for fighting. Our MMA fighters have taken a mix of Jiu Jitsu, boxing, wrestling, San Da and even learnt some aspects of hand fighting from Wing Chun.

Our MMA London class is safe, fast paced, fun, and an energetic form of training. You’ll not only get fit, but you’ll learn an effective blend of martial arts technique. Our classes are friendly and multi level, so in our gym you will work at a level to suit you. If you are new to mixed martial arts training, we will teach you the basics of strikes, kicks, takedowns, and submissions while concentrating on improving your fitness to get you started.

If you wish to accelerate your MMA skills, then we strongly suggest that you mix your martial arts training with us. Also take our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Submission Wrestling, and San Da Kickboxing classes. Mixing all three formats is the Mixed Martial Arts approach to MMA. Developing your skill level in each MMA component will make you a better MMA fighter.

However, if you have less time and wish to jump straight into MMA training, then this class will suit you. It's an ideal overview of MMA. It's ideal for beginners or new starters.

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If you are unsure of what class you would like to take in gym. Then why not try them all. You can choose from a MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, San Da Kickboxing, Wing Chun, FitLab or StrikeLab Class. Just choose one.

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