Bespoke Self Defence Training

The world can be a dangerous place, sometimes knowing how to fight is simply not enough to defend yourself and preserve your life.

This is our no nonsense and highly effective programme combining the very best of practical fighting abilities, with cutting edge knowledge from law enforcement agencies, security services and criminal psychologists.

How We Coach

Personal Training

This programme is completely tailored to you, your situation and your goals. Starting with an in-depth consultation with Dr Mark Phillips, where he will assess your key vulnerabilities based on your profession, travel, background and lifestyle, and from this develop a comprehensive training plan.

 Training is delivered in two phases. The first phase is the “Pre-Action Phase”, where Dr Phillips will focus on key areas such as situational awareness, street profiling and personal security understanding.

 The second phase is the “Action Phase”, where direct, effective and no-nonsense fighting techniques shall be taught, encompassing stand up striking, ground grappling and weapon defence.

Personal Training Availability

Personal training can be delivered in person at The Academy or over Zoom from the comfort of your own home.

Simply email us outlining a little about you and your goal for self defence training, and to arrange a personal consultation with Dr Mark Phillips.


Our personal self defence training programme is not a martial arts programme. In order to properly defend yourself, simply knowing how to fight is not enough. You need an understanding of situational awareness.

 This programme will give you both the physical and mental skills you need in order to preserve your life in the most demanding of situations. This is an intense and results driven program for high risk individuals, and for those operating in dangerous environments around the world, where a split second decision could be the difference between life and death.

 Each client will have very different needs. A journalist working in a war zone will need different training to a high net worth individual in South America, for example. Because of this, each client shall receive a fully bespoke, tailored and individual training experience which revolves around their unique set of circumstances.

 True self defence training not only involves learning how to fight and protect yourself, it also means developing good personal security habits at all times. Dr Mark Phillips is an expert in a range of martial arts as well as offender profiling, the psychology of violence and criminal behaviour.

 Through this programme, we aim to equip you with all the skills you will need to employ when the time comes and the unthinkable happens, in order to give you the very best possible chance of survival.

  • Personal Training

  • £10000
    Per 1 Hour Session
  • Training requires access to a range of training equipment to get the very best out of your session. Therefore, Personal Training sessions are provided onsite (at the London Wing Chun Academy) only.

    Due to the Dr Phillips' schedule there is limited availability of Personal Training sessions.

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