Setting Up the Double Over Hook Throw for Street Fights

Here’s a great alternative to punching that will end a Fight in Seconds. It’s taken from Jiu Jitsu and relies on throwing or slamming a bad guy to the concrete floor!

The technique is to clinch and throw; that’s the knockout strike. The fall in itself can injure and disorientate your attacker. This gives you another option for Self Defence.

There are 2 main ways to set up this throw:

1) To counter their punches

Cover up and close the distance when they punch.

Once you’re on the inside, you can swim your arms through the middle to wrap over theirs. Make a tight grip, securing their arms under your armpits. This is your Double Over Hook.

2) To counter a grab

Another common occurrence is for a bad guy to grab the front of the other guy’s clothing to intimidate them.

Counter this by swimming your arms through the centre over the top of theirs to get your Double Over Hook.

Finishing The Throw

Keeping your Double Over Hook, move to the attacker’s side, to what’s also known as the “T-Position”. Now, step your leg across to the front of their far leg, kick it out and look behind you to throw.

This creates a “whip” in the throw, slamming them to the ground.


Remember, the throw IS the knockout blow.

The guy’s body will shatter as he hits the ground; his head and spine will smash against the concrete and he will be injured and disorientated. This move will give most people a very hard time.

At this point it’s important to take the Knee on Belly and keep the guy on his side, under control.

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